iMetaLab 1.0: a web platform for metaproteomics data analysis

Liao B, Ning Z, Cheng K, Zhang X, Li L, Mayne J, Figeys D

Bioinformatics 2018 Nov;34(22):3954-3956

PMID: 29912378


Summary: The human gut microbiota, a complex, dynamic and biodiverse community, has been increasingly shown to influence many aspects of health and disease. Metaproteomic analysis has proven to be a powerful approach to study the functionality of the microbiota. However, the processing and analyses of metaproteomic mass spectrometry data remains a daunting task in metaproteomics data analysis. We developed iMetaLab, a web based platform to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive data analysis pipeline with a focus on lowering the technical barrier for metaproteomics data analysis.

Availability and implementation: iMetaLab is freely available through at

Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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  1. David Casero

    Hi, the links to imetalab are broken, I’d like to know if iMetaLab is accessible, and/or if there is an implementation for MetaPro-IQ that we can test with our in-house data.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback


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