MQ Summary


MQ summary is a handy app to quickly visualize the summary.txt file generated by MaxQuant (included in the MetaLab search).


Here are some examples generated by the MQ summary app:


Step 1. Upload files

On page, upload the summary.txt file generated by MetaLab. The file is located in “…\result\pep_iden\” folder.

You can also upload a meta file, for group-based visualizations. This is optional. You can define multiple grouping labels, such as according to experimental design, MS runs in time sequence, MS batches, etc.

Step 2. Go to plotting

After data files are uploaded, click “Go to plotting” button. This will direct you to the “Plot Diagram” page. A box is there for you to select data to plot, select plot type, set threshold line on the plot, and select grouping (if meta file is uploaded). Then, click plot to draw the summary.

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